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begin to break free from the nagging

hold sugar has on YOU and YOUR health!

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This Webinar will be held on

March 1, 2018!
@11:00 am EST


learn why you constantly crave sugar

learn how sugar can damage your health

learn how to reduce your cravings naturally

If this sound familiar, then you want to definitely want to sign up for the Reduce Your Sugar Webinar!

uring this One hour webinar, Michelle Luft, Certified Health Coach, will educate you on the following topics that will help you begin your journey towards reducing the amount of sugar you consume!

*You will learn the difference between healthy sugar and not so healthy sugar
*Why you need sugar
*How sugar can be just as addictive as cigarette smoking
*Why your sugar cravings are not your fault and reducing them is not about willpower *How excessive consumption of sugar can cause you to gain weight + damage your health *And best of all, you will learn how to naturally REDUCE your sugar cravings!

Hi, my name is Michelle Luft and I am a Certified Health Coach who has helped so many amazing people break free from eating way too much sugar! Join me for my very 1st webinar! ((So exciting!)) where I will take you on a journey towards helping you learn that you do have the POWER to break free from eating the foods that cause you to gain weight and make you feel awful. That you do have the ability to make better choices so that you can finally begin to take control of your weight loss efforts and your overall health. How does that sound?! Great! I can’t wait to connect with you and embark on this beautiful journey of improving your Health!