What!?! That is a silly question!

Because, there is no one reason why you can’t lose weight, there are lots of reasons, and worse, those causes enhance further reasons. That’s why weight loss can be incredibly challenging for many folks.

Oh wait, I figured it out! I figured out how to lose weight. Six months later — weight loss plateau and ugh… Why can’t I lose any more weight?!! Get the point?

So I ask you again, what is the number one reason you can’t lose weight?

Didn’t we just say this is a silly question? Well… sort of, but not really, because although there are many reasons related to your weight loss trouble, there is one big reason that triggers the chain reaction. That one reason: self-love!

Self-love is when you unconditionally adore who you are and how you currently appear (Yes, at the current moment, with those extra pounds). You have to fall madly in love with every little bit of you. From your head to your pinky toes. You have to be so in love with you that dancing privately in your birthday suit is doable, and with mirrors all around. Come on, I dare you!

The power of self-love is so… well, powerful when it comes to initiating weight loss. Why? Because, when you love yourself, unconditionally and without that mental body shaming, you naturally choose better for yourself.

To help you understand self-love and how it helps, let’s say you adopt a cute little puppy. OMG, so cute! You fall insanely in love with this puppy the minute you see it. So, what kind of things will you purchase for this puppy? What kind of food will you feed your puppy? Will you feed it garbage? Will you provide your puppy with opportunities to exercise? Will you look at it and criticize its appearance and because of its appearance treat him/her poorly? It is possible that you plan on giving your puppy the best care ever! And that is what self-love does in promoting weight loss – you choose better, without question.

Thus, if you hate looking at yourself in the mirror, or would never walk around in your birthday suit without cringing, and you want to lose weight, may I suggest you start working on self-love. Oh, and I know it is easier said than done, but it is a must when it comes to choosing those habits that will bring you healthy and lasting weight loss.

Let me start you off with one thing you can do every single day. Find a mirror and look at yourself. While looking at yourself, repeat, out loud: “I am beautiful.” Repeat it several times, and do it every single day. Do it until you experience the feel-good emotions that come with the words. Do it until you believe it 100%. And once you feel it, sit back and get ready to enjoy the ride!

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