Learn to Lose Your Weight
Online Course

You’ve tried lots of Hard to Follow
weight loss plans
and none have worked

Now you are ready to FOLLOW
your personal weight loss plan.

One that you created and works for you!

Online Course Starts…
Fall 2018

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Learn to Lose Your Weight
Online Course

You’ve tried lots of Hard to Follow
weight loss plans
and none have worked

Now you are ready to Follow 
your personal weight loss plan!

One that you created and works for you!

FALL 2018

Get on the waitlist for early pricing!


This is for you because…

You’re done with following tons of weight loss fad diets that are unrealistic and too hard to follow
You’re exhausted from the weight loss struggle
Tired of not being happy with the way you currently feel
Sick of counting calories, worrying about what you eat, feeling guilty and the ongoing mental self-sabotage

and you’re ready to …

Learn to lose weight, YOUR WAY
Choose your healthier foods that you will love to eat, healthy habits that work for your lifestyle, live YOUR life slimmer and free from following other people’s way of losing weight
Learn how to meal plan using foods will help you lose weight

Create a personal weight loss plan, one that works for you and you will love doing!

You deserve this for YOU!


Learn to create your own
personal weight loss plan

What will you learn?


Set Goals

Once you learn your why, your willing to do  and develop the actions steps to do it, you will start to lose weight.


Uncover your weight loss foods, learn how to meal plan and choose from suggested healthy recipes.


Learn how sugar causes you to gain weight and how to naturally reduce the amount you eat.


You will have access to lots of worksheets that will inspire you to apply what you learn and improve.
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Plus you get all these goodies…

Private Facebook Group


Suggested Recipes

Email Access

Meet Your Instructor

Michelle Luft is a Certified Health Coach.  

She will help you make gradual, lifelong changes that enable you to prevent disease, lose weight and achieve excellent health.  Staying healthy is a lifelong process. Michelle strives to have you obtain the tools necessary to manage that process and fall in love with your healthy life!



“Michelle has helped me come to the realization that weight loss is not just something you do for a short period of time, but that it is truly a lifestyle change that requires your day today. She has even shown me how that day to day change can be easily achieved into my ordinary/average day. Thanks to Michelle I can truly say I am now eating more real foods in my day to day and loving it. Didn’t think it was going to be possible with my crazy schedule, but she helped me make it a part of my reality and I am sure she can help make it a part of your reality too.” Majorie M.
“Michelle is absolutely an amazing health coach!! Michelle’s not only a health coach but an amazing comforter as well!! She is very knowledgeable in her profession and is teaching me a new and promising healthier lifestyle!! I’m am truly inspired by her passion and love to help others succeed!” Stella G.
“Michelle is a fountain of nutritional knowledge!! She is also a realist and fully acknowledges the fact that most of us find it hard to get on (and stay on) the right path with our dietary choices. She makes the transition so easy by tailoring it to your individual lifestyle, and before you know it, you’re eating clean and drinking green!!!!!!!!!! She is an invaluable part of my nutritional journey, and I know I can ALWAYS call on her for help or advice. Thank you, Michelle, for helping to transform my relationship with food….” Lauretta N.H.
“I have been a client of Michelle Luft for over 5 years. She has been such a positive influence on me in reaching a healthier lifestyle. She’s taught me ways on how to incorporate better eating habits and choosing organic foods to suit my body. Michelle is not only my health coach but also my dearest friend. I never understood why certain foods I ate didn’t agree with my stomach until I met Michelle and she helped me make better choices and encouraged physical activities into my plan. I have never been happier and I feel and look great. Thank you, Michelle, for your continued support and I sincerely appreciate you!!” Claudia B.
“You are my inspiration..mine are baby steps, but I’m getting there along with my wife. thanks to Michelle and Claudia for those motivational videos! No turning back
# healthy eating # banned junk foods…you guys rock…thanks.” Patrick D.