Yes, you need a summer weight loss accountability partner and here is why.

The warmer months of spring and summer, nobody can deny, are the best. These months invite you to play, have fun, swim, socialize and relax. However, if you are working on losing weight, you may not feel so eager to dive into enjoying yourself 100%. Why? Maybe because you are afraid of how the activities during the warmer months will cause you to self-sabotage your weight loss efforts. Because with the warmer weather comes the temptation to fall back on those unhealthy habits that you worked so hard to change during the cold season. The warmer months come with relaxation, kids off from school, vacations and lots of barbecuing. All of which promotes lots of drinking alcohol and bad food eating.

To help you minimize your risk of self-sabotaging your efforts, I invite you to find someone to hold you accountable to your weight loss goals hence a WEIGHT LOSS ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER. This weight loss accountability partner will help you stay on track during the warmer season and therefore, you will reduce your chances of self-sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

A weight loss accountability partner is a trusted mentor who will provide you with the guidance and motivation to forge ahead. My personal weight loss coaching sessions create that accountability partnership relationship. I help keep my clients committed and entirely responsible for their actions in reaching their goals. I don't allow my clients to live by their excuses or put things off. I work hard at keeping them focused by providing them with wisdom, motivation, education, tips and support, all to keep them on their path to success. Also, when my clients commit to weekly appointments, this enhances and strengthens the accountability relationship, which brings each client lasting results.

Accountability is one of the most important factors in losing weight or changing any behavior. When you have to report to a trustworthy partner, who will hold you accountable to your goals, it tends to change how you think and act. I invite you to make an appointment and let's create an accountability partner relationship. As your weight loss accountability partner, I will make sure that you reap all the benefits and stay 100% committed to your weight loss goals.


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