Plant base, paleo, nourishing, vegetarian... what style of eating you should follow?

Honestly, I have no clue. I don't know what style of eating you should be eating. I only know my own style of eating, and even that changes with every mood, the weather, stress, or I need a switch. Gosh, and why should we just stick with one style? And what exactly are the rules to each style? Eat only plant foods - wait! Can I eat nuts on plant foods? Yeah, that is way too stressful and requires too much thought.

I simply want to eat food that nourishes my body and promotes well-being.

Now, just to be clear, I am in no way insulting anyone's style of eating. I get the animal rights thing. I understand how cavemen hunted their meat and I am all about eating lots of vegetables. I also have tried many, and I mean many, styles of eating. Let's see; I was vegetarian for 11 years - well, not 100%, I ate eggs and fish. So what do you call that? Anyway, I then started eating red meat and ventured into the Paleo diet, which by the way, I had no idea was called the Paleo diet. Next up, the macrobiotic diet, where I ate lots of whole grains and worked hard on my yin and yang balance. Oh, and then I discovered the nutritarian diet, which was more like the vegan diet. Let's not forget the raw diet. Oh gosh, the raw diet was yummy! Let me see, did I forget one? Oh, yes, the juicing diet, where my skin turned orange from juicing so many carrots.

Yup, I have tried to stick with many styles of eating, and I can honestly say, I was all into each style. However, within a year of one style, I got bored, or my body wasn't feeling it, or I craved a change. And that is exactly what I did, switched to a new style, stressed myself out learning all of the rules and restrictions. Until two years ago, when I decided to stop following strict, regimented styles of eating and just eat REAL FOODS. I also decided to let my body do the talking and to give my body what it was craving for. By the way, I am not referring to junk food cravings. Because, in the summer, my body is craving lots of plant foods, and in the winter, my body wants warm and hearty foods. I may be in the mood for grass fed organic steak or organic chicken. I may need to eat foods that give me quick energy or foods that help me relax. Thus, I eat to satisfy my body's needs.

What style of eating you should follow depends on a ton of factors, and not just what the latest thing is. Plus, what style of eating you should follow can also change with what motivates you to eat foods that are nourishing. Hey, there is the answer! What style of eating should you follow? Any style that includes foods that will provide your body with the nutrients to promote your health and help you thrive!

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