The magic of weight loss begins with this one important step, building a weight loss tribe. Weight tribes are superb for providing that spell that gets you motivated to lose weight.

Honestly…imagine surrounding yourself with a group of inspiring people who boost your weight loss efforts to a whole new level. Your tribe – friends, a health coach, weight loss support groups – produce a potent force. They give you the energy that ignites you to keep going. Make you feel like you’re not doing this alone.  Give you that continuous motivation that moves you forward. Pick you up when you fall, and you have no desire to pick yourself up. Guide you through when it seems too complicated. Lastly, they hold you accountable until you reach your weight loss goals.

The process of losing weight can often make you feel lonely and isolated.

Consequently, these emotions can do a great job in sabotaging your weight loss efforts.  Ahh, but when the magic of weight loss kicks in, the tribe’s enchantment sprinkles over you, and suddenly you don’t feel so alone. Suddenly, you are understood, and are free to share your intentions without the fear of judgment or criticism.  Because honestly trying to lose weight is not something you should tackle by yourself. Doing it alone will increase your risk of stopping. Don’t get me wrong, there may be a few people out there who lose weight all on their own, but they’re far and few between.

The magic of weight loss starts with a weight loss tribe because they provide you continuous motivation. Seriously, how can anyone do anything with the help of a motivating community? For instance, look at how much better a public speaker performs when the audience is encouraging. How a team scores more points when the crowd cheers them on or a student shines when a teacher is inspiring. A tribe filled with motivating, praising members will become that cheering audience that will motivate you to keep going.

“Most people find that it’s much easier to stay motivated if you do it with other people and not just by yourself. ” ~

Told you this stuff is magical!

When you fall…

Oh, and when you fall, and you will indeed fall, your tribe will be right there ready to pick you up, allow you your moment to pause, but keep you from quitting. And if you don’t want to move forward, your tribe will happily give you that shove to get you moving. No excuses in the world will convince your weight loss tribe that you can’t accomplish your weight loss goal.

Isn’t the world of weight loss incredibly confusing? Heck yeah! Merely google the word “weight loss” and bam, you generate thousands of articles giving you conflicting advice.

Decrease calories to lose weight or don’t reduce calories, eat fat, don’t eat fat, butter is bad for weight loss, butter is great for weight loss…get the point?

How do you dissect all this conflicting information and reveal false from fiction? Ugh, it is too complicated, and you start to struggle losing weight because you are following inconsistent advice. But don’t fear… the magic of weight loss begins to cast its spell when your tribe leads you towards the right direction. Especially if your tribe includes a health coach or a member that has a good understanding of the world nutrition and weight loss. They help you understand that losing weight is a process that has to be tackled one simple step at a time.


And last but not least, abracadabra

A weight loss tribe will hold you accountable to your goals and boy is this powerful. Accountability is similar to a consequence. Just like you have to obey the law or risk getting a fine (or worse, jail time), accountability for weight loss works the same way. If you know you have to answer to someone, chances are, your choices facilitate weight loss. When you have to report back to someone and feel a level of pressure related to fulfilling your action steps, it alters how you think and act.

“Sometimes we attach so much significance to achieving a goal that when we experience a setback — which is inevitable at some point along the way — we just throw our hands up in the air and decide that the goal isn’t worth pursuing after all. An outside party can encourage you during setbacks and plateaus or when you experience a lack of motivation, helping you look past the momentary failure to see the bigger goal.” ~ The Art of Simple

Figuring out how to lose weight is so hard! And everyone is in search of that magic that will facilitate easy weight loss. But honestly and I really mean this, the magic of weight loss begins with a weight loss tribe because without a group of supportive people, helping you with the many challenges that come along with trying to lose weight, your chances of losing your desired weight, declines. Therefore, if you want to succeed in losing weight and keep it off, start building your weight loss tribe. Just make sure your tribe is filled with people that inspire you to be better and not worse.

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